The Soft Serve Podcast

Poet & Musician Joshua Michael Stewart

June 17, 2020

Pre-Show run-down.


Thanks to all the people on the two front lines: COVID-19 healthcare and essential workers. AND demonstrators in the streets.

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[Guest Discussion]

  • Current book, Break Every String.
  • New poem being published in Coal Hill Review on June 16, 2020.
  • New book coming soon, The Bastard Children of Dharma Bums.
  • New classical piece, Flowers For George Floyd.

[News & Shout Outs]:

  • Week 14 of pandemic and week 4 of national protests.
  • How are we all dealing?
  • Some good news. SJC ruling about workplace discrimnation against LGBTQ.
  • Paddle-boards.

[How are we entertaining ourselves?]

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